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GESCHIEDENIS: januari 2007
AUTEUR: John Sherrill
ISBN: 9780340964927


With over ten million copies sold, God's Smuggler has thrilled and inspired readers for more than forty years. It tells the true story of how a young Dutchman risked his life to bring faith and hope to believers behind the Iron Curtain. Now updated with new material from interviews with Brother Andrew, he tells of his adventures as his ministry took him to the Middle East, Africa, China, Israel, Pakistan and other places of great danger and extraordinary opportunities. With new relevance, and at such a poignant time for persecuted Christians, this book is set to inspire a whole new generation of readers.

...ography story are , . The book has been awarded with , and many others ... [PDF] Gods Smuggler Book by Brother Andrew Free Download ... ... . God's Smuggler, van Brother Andrew Artikelnummer: 9780340964927. Bestel op Gospel.nl met gratis verzending vanaf €20 Brother Andrew began taking Bibles to Christians behind closed borders in 1955. His ministry, which continues today, is known as Open Doors International. The author of numerous books, Brother Andrew makes his home in the Netherlands. Elizabeth and John Sherrill have co-authored numerous bestsellers— ... God's Smuggler by Brother Andrew - Goodreads ... . Elizabeth and John Sherrill have co-authored numerous bestsellers—classics such as The Hiding Place, The Cross and the Switchblade, and God's Smuggler—and ... ― Brother Andrew, quote from God's Smuggler "The real purpose of this training," Mr. Dinnen told me, "is to teach our students that they can trust God to do what He has said He would do. We don't go from here into the traditional missionary fields, but into new territory. God's Smuggler Study Guide. Focuses on the following literary devices: Theme: What the Enemy Intends for Evil, God Intends for Good; The chapter questions: encourage the reader to explore the reasons behind the methods of the Communists and Brother Andrew's response to these methods. Based off of the book God's Smuggler by Brother Andrew Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Brother Andrew was born during a hostile time in the world. As he entered into adulthood, he chose to fight against the injustices of communism. Communism restricted Christianity, and the Christians were strongly persecuted against. Brother Andrew was willing to put his life in danger every day, to go around the persecuted Christian nations for the Gospel. God's Smuggler is a true story about a rebellious young man-turned-missionary named Andrew. Andrew grew up in Holland before WWII where he dreamed of and sought out adventure. After the war, he joined the army and fought in the East Indies where he was eventually injured and returned home. God's Smuggler was included in our curriculum for my sixth and eighth graders, so we read it. More than just an autobiography, God's Smuggler is a testimony to the power of prayer and the work of God in our lives. Brother Andrew shares times when God provided for needs, blinded seeing eyes, and worked through him to minister to Christians ... GOD'S - Baker Publishing Group were completed and God's Smuggler was published. Harder still to believe that more than ten million copies, in 35 languages, are in print today. God's Smuggler is a true story (biography) on the life of Andy van der Bijl or more commonly known as Brother Andrew. It is an incredible thriller, showing you the life of a poor, non believing dutch boy and how God radically changes his life. As a boy he dreams of adventure trying war, alcohol, and cigarettes to satisfy the craving. I just finished rereading God's Smuggler, by Brother Andrew, founder of Opens Doors, an international non-profit ministry which supports and strengthens persecuted Christians.Brother Andrew is a man who, after completing ministry training through WEC, felt called to go behind the Iron Curtain to encourage Christians who were being persecuted under communism....